0001252: [General] Add internal IPP extension for requesting-user-name (rijkr)
0001238: [General] Add option to accept driverless PDF with font issues (rijkr)
0001234: [General] Change Visitor Edition settings (rijkr)
0001232: [General] Fix custom user authentication (rijkr)
0001227: [General] Fix Printer SNMP marker error (rijkr)
0001225: [General] Customize PaperCut Delegated Print Accounting comment (rijkr)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2021-08-09
0001200: [General] Add Queue Journal (rijkr)
0001174: [General] Fix missed CUPS complete status (rijkr)
0001199: [General] Improve remove graphics from PDF (rijkr)
0001197: [General] Add option to Mail Print message body (rijkr)
0001192: [General] Accept .htm file extension as HTML file (rijkr)
0001191: [General] Fix SafePages delete/move (rijkr)
0001189: [General] Fix driverless graphics print rendering (rijkr)
0001186: [General] Add IPP attribute to specify cover-type color (rijkr)
0001184: [General] Fix broken MailPrint connection (rijkr)
0001172: [General] Accept .oxps file extension as XPS file (rijkr)
0001175: [General] Fix color count in print invoice report (rijkr)
0001167: [General] Enforce time sequence on print-in documents (rijkr)
0001162: [General] Fix totals in Print Invoicing report (rijkr)
0001160: [General] Fix maven-antrun-plugin error (rijkr)
14 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-16
0001143: [General] Add media size of input document to Job Ticket (rijkr)
0001138: [General] Fix edit of localized amounts (rijkr)
0001127: [General] Create URL link in letterhead (rijkr)
0001128: [General] Prevent OAuth exception in User Web App (rijkr)
0001126: [General] Improve CUPS job status pull alternative (rijkr)
0001113: [General] Create print-in PDF prepress (rijkr)
0001084: [LDAP] Add Google Cloud Directory as LDAP user source (rijkr)
0001119: [LDAP] Add FreeIPA as LDAP user source (rijkr)
0001118: [General] Schedule user home directory cleanup (rijkr)
0001105: [General] Avoid empty string on not-null database column (rijkr)
0001116: [General] Work around pdftocairo stdout bug (rijkr)
0001114: [General] Add option to render printed PostScript pages to images (rijkr)
0001112: [General] Add IPv6 support (rijkr)
0001110: [General] Show individual user copies on Job Ticket job sheet (rijkr)
0001068: [General] Add option for alternative external database (rijkr)
0001109: [Installation] Upgrade database schema to 1.10 (rijkr)
0001099: [General] Fix flawed human readable byte count (rijkr)
0001087: [General] Accept PJL print jobs (rijkr)
0001085: [General] Append queue name to IPP printer-name (rijkr)
0001082: [General] Fix rare safepages inconsistency (rijkr)
0001079: [General] Use pdftocairo to generate safepage images (rijkr)
0001071: [General] Add PDF font verification option for Web Print (rijkr)
0001074: [General] Fix SVG to PDF conversion (rijkr)
0001072: [General] Use threaded readers for system command file converters (rijkr)
0001070: [General] Improve server IP address retrieval (rijkr)
25 issues View Issues
Released 2019-08-05
0001058: [General] Add Java 11 support (rijkr)
0001011: [General] Add PDF repair option for proxy printing (rijkr)
0001029: [General] Add PDF repair option for Web Print (rijkr)
0000635: [General] Show SNMP toner information (rijkr)
0000951: [General] XML-encode strings in string templates (rijkr)
0000958: [General] Do not apply blank filler pages for booklet (rijkr)
0000959: [General] Add PPDE option to handle booklet imposition (rijkr)
0000968: [General] Fix savapage-db --db-init authentication error (rijkr)
0000970: [General] Add Personal Print privilege (rijkr)
0000976: [General] Add extended marker to regular IPP option (rijkr)
0000982: [General] Fix exception when promoting existing email to primary (rijkr)
0000984: [General] Add option to map number of copies to PPD attribute (rijkr)
0000986: [General] Fix print job media-source auto selection (rijkr)
0000990: [General] Fix proxy print job completion time visibility (rijkr)
0000997: [General] Add full_name attribute to user group (rijkr)
0001002: [General] Add option to set PaperCut print timeout (rijkr)
0001008: [General] Fix print copies calculation divide by zero error (rijkr)
0000957: [General] Apply B/W conversion of job ticket redirect printer (rijkr)
0000966: [General] Integrate Personal Print with PaperCut (rijkr)
0001017: [General] Fix cost settlement for delegated group members (rijkr)
0001019: [General] Fix terminal scope of custom proxy print target (rijkr)
0001001: [General] Add proxy print document store (rijkr)
0001021: [General] Fix client-side B/W conversion save (rijkr)
0001023: [General] Fix rare unjustified PaperCut print refund (rijkr)
0001024: [General] Fix wrong number of copies on Job Ticket job sheet (rijkr)
0001026: [General] Handle out-of-sync CUPS cache (rijkr)
0001028: [General] Accept WebPrint of secured PDF with printing allowed (rijkr)
0001031: [General] Add heartbeat to pull CUPS job id status (rijkr)
0001032: [General] Fix login error when sending email batch (rijkr)
0001034: [General] Fix IPv6 address check (rijkr)
0001038: [General] Improve print status processing for faster PaperCut events (rijkr)
0001040: [General] Add database connection pool configuration (rijkr)
0001046: [General] Add option to cancel CUPS print job if stopped (rijkr)
0001055: [General] Fix email validation (rijkr)
0001059: [General] Improve i18n resource control (rijkr)
0001060: [General] Add job ticket domain and use labels (rijkr)
0001064: [General] Reject PDF XFA documents (rijkr)
0001065: [General] Check and fix database integrity (rijkr)
0001067: [General] Redirect java.util.logging to Log4j (rijkr)
39 issues View Issues
Released 2018-04-30
0000767: [General] Monitor PaperCut status of non-delegated Job Ticket jobs (rijkr)
0000902: [General] Add tag prefix to job ticket number (rijkr)
0000879: [General] Fix savapage-db --db-import authentication error (rijkr)
0000870: [General] Optimize Document Log cleanup (rijkr)
0000871: [General] Show database statistics pop-up (rijkr)
0000878: [General] Upgrade database schema to 1.7 (rijkr)
0000880: [General] Optimize database backup/restore process (rijkr)
0000881: [General] Fix group sync not including nested group members (rijkr)
0000886: [General] Fix uncommitted synchronization of proxy printers (rijkr)
0000900: [Security] Fix error sending mail to TLSv1.2 restricted MTA (rijkr)
0000904: [General] Add option to send Job Ticket email as text/html (rijkr)
0000905: [General] Add proxy print log file (rijkr)
0000906: [General] Skip deleted printer as job ticket redirect candidate (rijkr)
0000868: [General] Add number-up rules to PPDE (rijkr)
0000876: [General] Handle PdfValidityException as non-fatal (rijkr)
0000889: [General] Add rules to add or substitute PPD options (rijkr)
0000903: [General] Check collate capability when searching job ticket redirect printer (rijkr)
0000907: [General] Fix application of client-side collate (rijkr)
0000908: [General] Fix content-type of custom cid in email notification (rijkr)
0000913: [General] Add rule to validate IPP options (rijkr)
0000914: [General] Add Job Ticket cost rules for printed sheets (rijkr)
0000920: [General] Check community status according to member card expiration (rijkr)
0000925: [General] Fix incorrect import of disabled Active Directory users (rijkr)
0000926: [General] Fix premature removal of personal user account (rijkr)
0000927: [General] Use fit-to-page for Fast Print Mode (rijkr)
0000928: [General] Correct proxy print for PDF page content rotation (rijkr)
0000930: [General] Fix calculation of number-up sheets (rijkr)
0000938: [General] Add LandscapeOrientation attribute to PPDE (rijkr)
0000946: [General] Fix print status after retry of CUPS canceled job ticket (rijkr)
29 issues View Issues
Released 2017-07-14
0001106: [General] Fix JPQL error on erase user data (rijkr)
0000799: [General] Upgrade database schema to 1.6 (rijkr)
0000777: [General] Correct orientation when proxy printing uploaded landscape PDF (rijkr)
0000738: [General] Apply correct number-up layout in landscape proxy print (rijkr)
0000734: [General] Correct missing CUPS job completion time (rijkr)
0000742: [General] Add LibreOffice converter as multi-threaded service (rijkr)
0000744: [General] Handle failing PaperCut connection at boot time (rijkr)
0000750: [Security] Do not encrypt blank values of secret configuration items (rijkr)
0000755: [Security] Fix authorization check on user role (rijkr)
0000757: [General] Fix n-up hold job and job ticket error (rijkr)
0000760: [LDAP] Prevent creation of duplicate users at synchronization (rijkr)
0000765: [General] Handle nonexistent PaperCut user (rijkr)
0000771: [General] Use auto media-source when releasing all job tickets (rijkr)
0000773: [General] Fix wrongly applied Custom Print Proxy for disabled Terminal (rijkr)
0000719: [General] Create PPD mapping for print-scaling (rijkr)
0000720: [General] Fix duplicate email address error in user synchronization (rijkr)
0000721: [Security] Turn hostname verification off for server commands (rijkr)
0000723: [General] Fix number of sheets logged for mixed media proxy print (rijkr)
0000727: [General] Fix NoSuchFileException at atomic move of UserMsgIndicator file (rijkr)
0000790: [General] Limit query result set when exporting database tables (rijkr)
0000792: [General] Fix NoSuchFileException when moving msg file to user directory (rijkr)
0000793: [General] Add option email notification when Job Ticket completed or canceled (rijkr)
0000797: [General] Add user roles to setUserGroupProperties CLI (rijkr)
0000809: [General] Include parent account when composing PaperCut account name (rijkr)
0000810: [General] Fix media-source "auto" indicator for proxy printer (rijkr)
0000811: [General] Preserve media-source "auto" for proxy print job (rijkr)
0000812: [General] Add custom i18n for IPP attributes and choices (rijkr)
0000819: [General] Fix embedded image rendering of sent email (rijkr)
0000820: [General] Add custom i18n email layout templates (rijkr)
0000821: [General] Translate www formatted URL text in PDF to https link (rijkr)
0000828: [General] Fix error when saving new user with secondary email (rijkr)
0000829: [LDAP] Include nested group members when adding a user group (rijkr)
0000833: [General] Correct CUPS print status to completed according to PaperCut reporting (rijkr)
33 issues View Issues
Released 2016-08-01
0000696: [General] Auto-correct inconsistency when logically deleting user (rijkr)
0000694: [General] Handle PPD options that are not mapped to IPP by CUPS (rijkr)
0000639: [Security] Encrypt endpoint password of 2nd Smartschool account (rijkr)
0000640: [General] Update External supplier status in SavaPage when PaperCut print is done (rijkr)
0000642: [General] Apply cost when printing from Smartschool to SavaPage (rijkr)
0000646: [General] Continue after Smartschool read timeout on PDF download (rijkr)
0000648: [General] Define Internal Groups (rijkr)
0000651: [General] Add support for CUPS #PDF-BANNER request (rijkr)
0000652: [General] Sort quick search proxy printer list (rijkr)
0000653: [Security] Change Smartschool logging after connection error (rijkr)
0000654: [General] Add option to mark Proxy Printer for internal use (rijkr)
0000655: [Security] Correct WebPrint authorization error (rijkr)
0000659: [General] Configure PaperCut accounts for Smartschool transactions (rijkr)
0000598: [General] Add PDF to monochrome conversion before proxy printing (rijkr)
0000636: [General] Add Delegated Print (rijkr)
0000638: [General] Add Smartschool Print Clustering (rijkr)
0000678: [General] Download Smartschool PDF document from URL (rijkr)
0000680: [General] Fix error when lazy creating user on first print (rijkr)
0000681: [General] Create transaction for initial balance allocation of user account (rijkr)
0000682: [General] Add group memberships after on-demand user creation (rijkr)
0000683: [General] Reset transaction time before processing PaperCut print status (rijkr)
0000684: [General] Check PaperCut Integration of Smartschool printers (rijkr)
0000687: [General] Create layered ./safepages subdirectory hierarchy (rijkr)
0000688: [General] Fix error when decoding negative IPP int32 values (rijkr)
0000689: [General] Handle Smartschool SOAP null response (rijkr)
0000693: [Installation] Lazy create encryption.properties when server starts (rijkr)
0000695: [General] Add option to configure location of application temp files (rijkr)
27 issues View Issues
Released 2015-11-25
0000609: [General] Fix NumberFormatException for IPP 4-byte integer 0xFFFFFFFD (rijkr)
0000611: [General] Add proxy print collation (rijkr)
0000626: [General] Force proxy print jobs status to completed when CUPS job is not found (rijkr)
0000625: [Installation] Upgrade to database schema version 1.5 (rijkr)
0000584: [General] Add Eco Print option for saving printer ink and toner (rijkr)
0000593: [General] Fix server command logging error (rijkr)
0000594: [LDAP] Skip LDAP users without user-name (rijkr)
0000595: [General] Fix User sync email update error (rijkr)
0000600: [General] Fix SQL error in Smartschool module (rijkr)
0000601: [General] Fix User Sync error at UserEmail, UserNumber or UserCard update (rijkr)
0000602: [General] Convert Smartschool document name to 7-bit ascii before printing to PaperCut (rijkr)
0000603: [General] Auto select printer tray for Smartschool print job (rijkr)
0000607: [General] Include klas in personal Smartschool transaction comment (rijkr)
0000614: [General] Replace PDF pages without /Contents with blank content (rijkr)
0000621: [General] Fix card number error when creating internal user (rijkr)
0000623: [General] Create reserved queue for AirPrint (rijkr)
0000624: [General] Replace SQL NULLS FIRST modifier with COALESCE function (rijkr)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2015-08-21
0000551: [General] Fix URLs not converted to PDF links (rijkr)
0000559: [General] Fall back to default font when selected font file is missing (rijkr)
0000560: [Security] Fix SSL connection failure (sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial) (rijkr)
0000561: [Security] Improve security of self-signed server certificate signature (rijkr)
0000563: [General] Fix CUPS print event notification (rijkr)
0000564: [General] Fix localized text and resource bundle selection (rijkr)
0000565: [General] Remove custom currency symbol and visibility option (rijkr)
0000572: [General] Fix print job denied credit limit error (rijkr)
0000576: [General] Fix proxy print n-up cost calculation error (rijkr)
0000577: [General] Strip end-of-sentence punctuation of "www." text from PDF URL annotation (rijkr)
0000578: [General] Send email asynchronous (rijkr)
0000579: [General] Fix restart of Google Cloud Print listener (rijkr)
0000582: [General] Fix memory leak after host system directory scan (rijkr)
0000583: [General] Send mail as text/html and use HTML template (rijkr)
0000585: [General] Skip CUPS proxy printer candidates without printer URI (rijkr)
0000589: [General] Make JDBC driver for external database configurable (rijkr)
16 issues View Issues
Released 2015-04-28
0000530: [General] Convert URLs to PDF links (rijkr)
0000540: [General] Fix nl_NL message when print job denied because of insufficient credit limit (rijkr)
0000546: [General] Use local loop address for server host when stand-alone demo mode (rijkr)
0000547: [General] Apply fit-to-page for non-crop proxy print of custom media size (rijkr)
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