Scheduled For Release 2020-09-17
0001185: [General] Complete Spanish i18n Library (rijkr)
0001104: [General] Add SPDX License Identifiers (rijkr)
0001147: [General] Remove Smartschool Print (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-09-28
0001161: [General] Fix Client App authentication issues (rijkr)
0001144: [General] Check if system tray is supported (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-09-17
0001196: [General] Add IPP option for front and back cover (rijkr)
0001142: [General] Upgrade database schema to 1.11 (rijkr)
0000981: [LDAP] Fix test mode user sync exceptions (rijkr)
0000987: [General] Fix ignored finishings for Canon CQue 4.0.1 (rijkr)
0001078: [General] Remove deprecated (rijkr)
0001108: [General] Improve savapage-db debugging (rijkr)
0001129: [LDAP] Add LDAP StartTLS support (rijkr)
0001199: [General] Improve remove graphics from PDF (rijkr)
0001192: [General] Accept .htm file extension as HTML file (rijkr)
0001191: [General] Fix SafePages delete/move (rijkr)
0001189: [General] Fix driverless graphics print rendering (rijkr)
0001186: [General] Add IPP attribute to specify cover-type color (rijkr)
0001184: [General] Fix broken MailPrint connection (rijkr)
0001174: [General] Fix missed CUPS complete status (rijkr)
0001172: [General] Accept .oxps file extension as XPS file (rijkr)
0001175: [General] Fix color count in print invoice report (rijkr)
0001167: [General] Enforce time sequence on print-in documents (rijkr)
0001162: [General] Fix totals in Print Invoicing report (rijkr)
0001160: [General] Fix maven-antrun-plugin error (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-10-04
0001146: [General] Add Keycloak OAuth plugin (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-09-17
0001190: [General] Add i18n statistics (rijkr)
0000993: [General] Add option to rasterize PDF (rijkr)
0001168: [General] Add Mail Ticket Print (rijkr)
0000606: [General] Refund proxy print jobs (rijkr)
0001131: [General] Add SavaPage Draw (rijkr)
0001156: [General] Enable default webapp style (rijkr)
0001152: [General] Display and refresh username alias cache (rijkr)
0001151: [General] Optimize i18n (rijkr)
0000783: [General] Fix incomplete background image at delete of multi-page letterhead (rijkr)
0000980: [General] Add Print Site Web App (rijkr)
0001098: [General] Handle SafePages mismatch (rijkr)
0001107: [General] Add PPD Extension File browser (rijkr)
0001193: [General] Fix HTTP sessions IP address count (rijkr)
0001195: [General] Add option to set max printers shown (rijkr)
0001198: [General] Add option to rasterize exported PDF (rijkr)
0001188: [General] Use last job ticket printer as default (rijkr)
0001187: [General] Add option to disable default job ticket delivery date (rijkr)
0001181: [General] Prevent redundant IPP print requests to untrusted queue (rijkr)
0001179: [Security] Improve self-signed certificate (rijkr)
0001180: [General] Extend print invoicing report selection (rijkr)
0000533: [Security] Comply with GNU LibreJS (rijkr)
0001176: [General] Fix user privilege (rijkr)
0001178: [General] Extend job ticket tags (rijkr)
0001177: [General] Add option to retain job ticket domain (rijkr)
0001173: [General] Fix administrator privilege for accounts (rijkr)
0001171: [General] Show single media source in printer edit dialog (rijkr)
0001169: [General] Optimize conditional display in web app dialogs (rijkr)
0001170: [General] Fix Firefox radio button width (rijkr)
0001166: [General] Change delegator user and group detail configuration (rijkr)
0001163: [General] Reverse canceled or aborted print job (rijkr)
0001164: [General] Improve proxy print job status reporting (rijkr)
0001165: [General] Fix Queue list selection (rijkr)
0001159: [General] Adapt to Java 11 (rijkr)
0001158: [General] Use SavaPage branded session cookies (rijkr)
0001157: [General] Fix IPP print to SavaPage error (rijkr)
0001149: [Refactoring] Optimize JavaScript code (rijkr)
0001148: [General] Add select options in proxy printer list (rijkr)
0001155: [General] Consolidate PaperCut configuration into single section (rijkr)
0001154: [General] Remove Google Cloud Print (rijkr)
0001153: [General] Add setup buttons to admin dashboard (rijkr)
0001150: [General] Support OAuth ad-hoc user creation (rijkr)
0001145: [General] Signal expired SSL in Atom Feed (rijkr)
0001132: [General] Edit delegated print copies of job ticket (rijkr)
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