Scheduled For Release 2019-05-01
0001037: [General] Optimize Java synchronization (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-05-01
0001041: [General] Improve User Client action on connection lost (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-05-01
0000987: [General] Fix ignored finishings for Canon CQue 4.0.1 (rijkr)
0000981: [LDAP] Fix test mode user sync exceptions (rijkr)
0001040: [General] Add database connection pool configuration (rijkr)
0001046: [General] Add option to cancel CUPS print job if stopped (rijkr)
0001038: [General] Improve print status processing for faster PaperCut events (rijkr)
0001029: [General] Add PDF repair option for Web Print (rijkr)
0001011: [General] Add PDF repair option for proxy printing (rijkr)
0001028: [General] Accept WebPrint of secured PDF with printing allowed (rijkr)
0001026: [General] Handle out-of-sync CUPS cache (rijkr)
0001031: [General] Add heartbeat to pull CUPS job id status (rijkr)
0001032: [General] Fix login error when sending email batch (rijkr)
0001034: [General] Fix IPv6 address check (rijkr)
0001001: [General] Add proxy print document store (rijkr)
0001024: [General] Fix wrong number of copies on Job Ticket job sheet (rijkr)
0001023: [General] Fix rare unjustified PaperCut print refund (rijkr)
0001021: [General] Fix client-side B/W conversion save (rijkr)
0000957: [General] Apply B/W conversion of job ticket redirect printer (rijkr)
0000966: [General] Integrate Personal Print with PaperCut (rijkr)
0001019: [General] Fix terminal scope of custom proxy print target (rijkr)
0001017: [General] Fix cost settlement for delegated group members (rijkr)
0001008: [General] Fix print copies calculation divide by zero error (rijkr)
0001002: [General] Add option to set PaperCut print timeout (rijkr)
0000997: [General] Add full_name attribute to user group (rijkr)
0000990: [General] Fix proxy print job completion time visibility (rijkr)
0000986: [General] Fix print job media-source auto selection (rijkr)
0000984: [General] Add option to map number of copies to PPD attribute (rijkr)
0000982: [General] Fix exception when promoting existing email to primary (rijkr)
0000976: [General] Add extended marker to regular IPP option (rijkr)
0000970: [General] Add Personal Print privilege (rijkr)
0000968: [General] Fix savapage-db --db-init authentication error (rijkr)
0000767: [General] Monitor PaperCut status of non-delegated Job Ticket jobs (rijkr)
0000635: [General] Show SNMP toner information (rijkr)
0000959: [General] Add PPDE option to handle booklet imposition (rijkr)
0000958: [General] Do not apply blank filler pages for booklet (rijkr)
0000951: [General] XML-encode strings in string templates (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-05-01
0001025: [General] Add user group check in Smartschool notification plug-in (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-05-01
0001027: [General] Allow multiple Smartschool OAuth plug-ins (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-05-01
0001030: [Installation] Set open files limit in savapage.service unit (rijkr)
0001000: [Installation] Fix maven-surefire error (rijkr)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-05-01
0001050: [General] Add URL Web Print (rijkr)
0000993: [General] Add option to print PDF as an image (rijkr)
0000980: [General] Add Print Site Web App (rijkr)
0000606: [General] Refund proxy print jobs (rijkr)
0000629: [General] Check on multiple Web App sessions for Mac OS X Safari (rijkr)
0000783: [General] Fix incomplete background image at delete of multi-page letterhead (rijkr)
0000940: [General] Add option to set icons for printer options (rijkr)
0001049: [Security] Add PDF/PGP Verification (rijkr)
0000853: [Security] Add option to send mail as PGP/MIME (rijkr)
0001048: [General] Improve use of max inactive session interval (rijkr)
0001047: [General] Prune orphaned IP addresses from session cache (rijkr)
0001045: [General] Show HTTP error codes as JavaScript alert message (rijkr)
0001044: [General] Add toggle to (de)select all Delegated Print users (rijkr)
0001043: [General] Optimize selection of Print Delegate (rijkr)
0001042: [General] Close input streams after file upload request (rijkr)
0001039: [General] Add server threadpool configuration (rijkr)
0001036: [General] Add Delegated Print restriction on shared account (rijkr)
0001033: [General] Check server ports when web server starts (rijkr)
0001035: [General] Support X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header field (rijkr)
0001022: [General] Add option to use job ticket tags for regular printer (rijkr)
0001020: [General] Hide proxy printer media-source cost when not relevant (rijkr)
0000983: [General] Fix disabled buttons getting focus (rijkr)
0001003: [General] Add option to enable cancel of all job tickets (rijkr)
0001018: [General] Add session user as print delegator (rijkr)
0001015: [General] Fix rare server shutdown deadlock (rijkr)
0001016: [General] Add button to delete documents in Upload Dialog (rijkr)
0001014: [General] Add button to close all completed job tickets (rijkr)
0001013: [General] Improve print orientation mismatch message (rijkr)
0001012: [General] Add print settings to job ticket job-sheet (rijkr)
0001010: [General] Identify CUPS out-of-band job state (rijkr)
0000956: [Security] Add options to configure internet access per Web App (rijkr)
0001009: [General] Add PPD download in proxy printer list (rijkr)
0001007: [Security] Upgrade to Jetty 9.4.11.v20180605 (rijkr)
0001006: [General] Fix JavaScript compatibility issue (rijkr)
0001005: [General] Improve open job ticket sort (rijkr)
0001004: [General] Improve User Web App print-scaling use case (rijkr)
0000999: [General] Add option to set preferred media-source (rijkr)
0000998: [General] Improve user and group search in delegated print dialog (rijkr)
0000996: [General] Add button to clear i18n cache (rijkr)
0000995: [General] Fix error when manual media-source is selected (rijkr)
0000994: [General] Fix job ticket display error for pending print job (rijkr)
0000992: [General] Validate SPConstraint for sheet-collate (rijkr)
0000991: [General] Show CUPS print performance in Job Ticket Web App (rijkr)
0000989: [General] Add IPP constraint validation to Job Ticket print (rijkr)
0000988: [General] Fix ignored uncollate for delegated print (rijkr)
0000985: [General] Add option to enable delegated print user account type (rijkr)
0000947: [General] Add Atom Feed for administrators (rijkr)
0000979: [General] Add option to hide environmental impact (rijkr)
0000953: [Installation] Add Java 9 support (rijkr)
0000978: [General] Select job ticket printer to create copy job in empty inbox (rijkr)
0000977: [General] Fix JavaScript error when selecting job ticket printer (rijkr)
0000975: [General] Add Smartschool notification plug-in (rijkr)
0000967: [General] Provide PaperCut User Sync and Auth Interface (rijkr)
0000974: [General] Hide single shared account in delegated print dialog (rijkr)
0000973: [General] Mark delegated print groups and accounts as preferred (rijkr)
0000972: [General] Add option to configure media-sources for job sheets (rijkr)
0000971: [General] Fix NullPointerException when IP Print denied for IP address (rijkr)
0000969: [General] Hide non-applicable buttons in User Group list (rijkr)
0000963: [General] Add option to assign Delegated Print group copies (rijkr)
0000965: [General] Terminate WebServer after initialization exception (rijkr)
0000964: [General] Set SMTP default to SSL/TLS port 465 (rijkr)
0000962: [General] Show jog offset option in printer settings dialog (rijkr)
0000960: [General] Fix Job Ticket printer media-source default (rijkr)
0000961: [General] Highlight non-standard papersize of open job ticket (rijkr)
0000955: [General] Add config items to restrict datetime of job ticket delivery (rijkr)
0000952: [Installation] Fix systemd service ownership (rijkr)
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