Released 2015-11-25
0000609: [General] Fix NumberFormatException for IPP 4-byte integer 0xFFFFFFFD (rijkr)
0000611: [General] Add proxy print collation (rijkr)
0000626: [General] Force proxy print jobs status to completed when CUPS job is not found (rijkr)
0000625: [Installation] Upgrade to database schema version 1.5 (rijkr)
0000584: [General] Add Eco Print option for saving printer ink and toner (rijkr)
0000593: [General] Fix server command logging error (rijkr)
0000594: [LDAP] Skip LDAP users without user-name (rijkr)
0000595: [General] Fix User sync email update error (rijkr)
0000600: [General] Fix SQL error in Smartschool module (rijkr)
0000601: [General] Fix User Sync error at UserEmail, UserNumber or UserCard update (rijkr)
0000602: [General] Convert Smartschool document name to 7-bit ascii before printing to PaperCut (rijkr)
0000603: [General] Auto select printer tray for Smartschool print job (rijkr)
0000607: [General] Include klas in personal Smartschool transaction comment (rijkr)
0000614: [General] Replace PDF pages without /Contents with blank content (rijkr)
0000621: [General] Fix card number error when creating internal user (rijkr)
0000623: [General] Create reserved queue for AirPrint (rijkr)
0000624: [General] Replace SQL NULLS FIRST modifier with COALESCE function (rijkr)
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