Released 2017-07-14
0001106: [General] Fix JPQL error on erase user data (rijkr)
0000799: [General] Upgrade database schema to 1.6 (rijkr)
0000777: [General] Correct orientation when proxy printing uploaded landscape PDF (rijkr)
0000738: [General] Apply correct number-up layout in landscape proxy print (rijkr)
0000734: [General] Correct missing CUPS job completion time (rijkr)
0000742: [General] Add LibreOffice converter as multi-threaded service (rijkr)
0000744: [General] Handle failing PaperCut connection at boot time (rijkr)
0000750: [Security] Do not encrypt blank values of secret configuration items (rijkr)
0000755: [Security] Fix authorization check on user role (rijkr)
0000757: [General] Fix n-up hold job and job ticket error (rijkr)
0000760: [LDAP] Prevent creation of duplicate users at synchronization (rijkr)
0000765: [General] Handle nonexistent PaperCut user (rijkr)
0000771: [General] Use auto media-source when releasing all job tickets (rijkr)
0000773: [General] Fix wrongly applied Custom Print Proxy for disabled Terminal (rijkr)
0000719: [General] Create PPD mapping for print-scaling (rijkr)
0000720: [General] Fix duplicate email address error in user synchronization (rijkr)
0000721: [Security] Turn hostname verification off for server commands (rijkr)
0000723: [General] Fix number of sheets logged for mixed media proxy print (rijkr)
0000727: [General] Fix NoSuchFileException at atomic move of UserMsgIndicator file (rijkr)
0000790: [General] Limit query result set when exporting database tables (rijkr)
0000792: [General] Fix NoSuchFileException when moving msg file to user directory (rijkr)
0000793: [General] Add option email notification when Job Ticket completed or canceled (rijkr)
0000797: [General] Add user roles to setUserGroupProperties CLI (rijkr)
0000809: [General] Include parent account when composing PaperCut account name (rijkr)
0000810: [General] Fix media-source "auto" indicator for proxy printer (rijkr)
0000811: [General] Preserve media-source "auto" for proxy print job (rijkr)
0000812: [General] Add custom i18n for IPP attributes and choices (rijkr)
0000819: [General] Fix embedded image rendering of sent email (rijkr)
0000820: [General] Add custom i18n email layout templates (rijkr)
0000821: [General] Translate www formatted URL text in PDF to https link (rijkr)
0000828: [General] Fix error when saving new user with secondary email (rijkr)
0000829: [LDAP] Include nested group members when adding a user group (rijkr)
0000833: [General] Correct CUPS print status to completed according to PaperCut reporting (rijkr)
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