Released 2018-04-30
0000767: [General] Monitor PaperCut status of non-delegated Job Ticket jobs (rijkr)
0000902: [General] Add tag prefix to job ticket number (rijkr)
0000879: [General] Fix savapage-db --db-import authentication error (rijkr)
0000870: [General] Optimize Document Log cleanup (rijkr)
0000871: [General] Show database statistics pop-up (rijkr)
0000878: [General] Upgrade database schema to 1.7 (rijkr)
0000880: [General] Optimize database backup/restore process (rijkr)
0000881: [General] Fix group sync not including nested group members (rijkr)
0000886: [General] Fix uncommitted synchronization of proxy printers (rijkr)
0000900: [Security] Fix error sending mail to TLSv1.2 restricted MTA (rijkr)
0000904: [General] Add option to send Job Ticket email as text/html (rijkr)
0000905: [General] Add proxy print log file (rijkr)
0000906: [General] Skip deleted printer as job ticket redirect candidate (rijkr)
0000868: [General] Add number-up rules to PPDE (rijkr)
0000876: [General] Handle PdfValidityException as non-fatal (rijkr)
0000889: [General] Add rules to add or substitute PPD options (rijkr)
0000903: [General] Check collate capability when searching job ticket redirect printer (rijkr)
0000907: [General] Fix application of client-side collate (rijkr)
0000908: [General] Fix content-type of custom cid in email notification (rijkr)
0000913: [General] Add rule to validate IPP options (rijkr)
0000914: [General] Add Job Ticket cost rules for printed sheets (rijkr)
0000920: [General] Check community status according to member card expiration (rijkr)
0000925: [General] Fix incorrect import of disabled Active Directory users (rijkr)
0000926: [General] Fix premature removal of personal user account (rijkr)
0000927: [General] Use fit-to-page for Fast Print Mode (rijkr)
0000928: [General] Correct proxy print for PDF page content rotation (rijkr)
0000930: [General] Fix calculation of number-up sheets (rijkr)
0000938: [General] Add LandscapeOrientation attribute to PPDE (rijkr)
0000946: [General] Fix print status after retry of CUPS canceled job ticket (rijkr)
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