Released 2019-08-05
0001058: [General] Add Java 11 support (rijkr)
0001011: [General] Add PDF repair option for proxy printing (rijkr)
0001029: [General] Add PDF repair option for Web Print (rijkr)
0000635: [General] Show SNMP toner information (rijkr)
0000951: [General] XML-encode strings in string templates (rijkr)
0000958: [General] Do not apply blank filler pages for booklet (rijkr)
0000959: [General] Add PPDE option to handle booklet imposition (rijkr)
0000968: [General] Fix savapage-db --db-init authentication error (rijkr)
0000970: [General] Add Personal Print privilege (rijkr)
0000976: [General] Add extended marker to regular IPP option (rijkr)
0000982: [General] Fix exception when promoting existing email to primary (rijkr)
0000984: [General] Add option to map number of copies to PPD attribute (rijkr)
0000986: [General] Fix print job media-source auto selection (rijkr)
0000990: [General] Fix proxy print job completion time visibility (rijkr)
0000997: [General] Add full_name attribute to user group (rijkr)
0001002: [General] Add option to set PaperCut print timeout (rijkr)
0001008: [General] Fix print copies calculation divide by zero error (rijkr)
0000957: [General] Apply B/W conversion of job ticket redirect printer (rijkr)
0000966: [General] Integrate Personal Print with PaperCut (rijkr)
0001017: [General] Fix cost settlement for delegated group members (rijkr)
0001019: [General] Fix terminal scope of custom proxy print target (rijkr)
0001001: [General] Add proxy print document store (rijkr)
0001021: [General] Fix client-side B/W conversion save (rijkr)
0001023: [General] Fix rare unjustified PaperCut print refund (rijkr)
0001024: [General] Fix wrong number of copies on Job Ticket job sheet (rijkr)
0001026: [General] Handle out-of-sync CUPS cache (rijkr)
0001028: [General] Accept WebPrint of secured PDF with printing allowed (rijkr)
0001031: [General] Add heartbeat to pull CUPS job id status (rijkr)
0001032: [General] Fix login error when sending email batch (rijkr)
0001034: [General] Fix IPv6 address check (rijkr)
0001038: [General] Improve print status processing for faster PaperCut events (rijkr)
0001040: [General] Add database connection pool configuration (rijkr)
0001046: [General] Add option to cancel CUPS print job if stopped (rijkr)
0001055: [General] Fix email validation (rijkr)
0001059: [General] Improve i18n resource control (rijkr)
0001060: [General] Add job ticket domain and use labels (rijkr)
0001064: [General] Reject PDF XFA documents (rijkr)
0001065: [General] Check and fix database integrity (rijkr)
0001067: [General] Redirect java.util.logging to Log4j (rijkr)
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