Released 2016-08-01
0000696: [General] Auto-correct inconsistency when logically deleting user (rijkr)
0000694: [General] Handle PPD options that are not mapped to IPP by CUPS (rijkr)
0000639: [Security] Encrypt endpoint password of 2nd Smartschool account (rijkr)
0000640: [General] Update External supplier status in SavaPage when PaperCut print is done (rijkr)
0000642: [General] Apply cost when printing from Smartschool to SavaPage (rijkr)
0000646: [General] Continue after Smartschool read timeout on PDF download (rijkr)
0000648: [General] Define Internal Groups (rijkr)
0000651: [General] Add support for CUPS #PDF-BANNER request (rijkr)
0000652: [General] Sort quick search proxy printer list (rijkr)
0000653: [Security] Change Smartschool logging after connection error (rijkr)
0000654: [General] Add option to mark Proxy Printer for internal use (rijkr)
0000655: [Security] Correct WebPrint authorization error (rijkr)
0000659: [General] Configure PaperCut accounts for Smartschool transactions (rijkr)
0000598: [General] Add PDF to monochrome conversion before proxy printing (rijkr)
0000636: [General] Add Delegated Print (rijkr)
0000638: [General] Add Smartschool Print Clustering (rijkr)
0000678: [General] Download Smartschool PDF document from URL (rijkr)
0000680: [General] Fix error when lazy creating user on first print (rijkr)
0000681: [General] Create transaction for initial balance allocation of user account (rijkr)
0000682: [General] Add group memberships after on-demand user creation (rijkr)
0000683: [General] Reset transaction time before processing PaperCut print status (rijkr)
0000684: [General] Check PaperCut Integration of Smartschool printers (rijkr)
0000687: [General] Create layered ./safepages subdirectory hierarchy (rijkr)
0000688: [General] Fix error when decoding negative IPP int32 values (rijkr)
0000689: [General] Handle Smartschool SOAP null response (rijkr)
0000693: [Installation] Lazy create when server starts (rijkr)
0000695: [General] Add option to configure location of application temp files (rijkr)
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