Released 2015-08-21
0000551: [General] Fix URLs not converted to PDF links (rijkr)
0000559: [General] Fall back to default font when selected font file is missing (rijkr)
0000560: [Security] Fix SSL connection failure (sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial) (rijkr)
0000561: [Security] Improve security of self-signed server certificate signature (rijkr)
0000563: [General] Fix CUPS print event notification (rijkr)
0000564: [General] Fix localized text and resource bundle selection (rijkr)
0000565: [General] Remove custom currency symbol and visibility option (rijkr)
0000572: [General] Fix print job denied credit limit error (rijkr)
0000576: [General] Fix proxy print n-up cost calculation error (rijkr)
0000577: [General] Strip end-of-sentence punctuation of "www." text from PDF URL annotation (rijkr)
0000578: [General] Send email asynchronous (rijkr)
0000579: [General] Fix restart of Google Cloud Print listener (rijkr)
0000582: [General] Fix memory leak after host system directory scan (rijkr)
0000583: [General] Send mail as text/html and use HTML template (rijkr)
0000585: [General] Skip CUPS proxy printer candidates without printer URI (rijkr)
0000589: [General] Make JDBC driver for external database configurable (rijkr)
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