Released 2021-08-09
0001200: [General] Add Queue Journal (rijkr)
0001174: [General] Fix missed CUPS complete status (rijkr)
0001199: [General] Improve remove graphics from PDF (rijkr)
0001197: [General] Add option to Mail Print message body (rijkr)
0001192: [General] Accept .htm file extension as HTML file (rijkr)
0001191: [General] Fix SafePages delete/move (rijkr)
0001189: [General] Fix driverless graphics print rendering (rijkr)
0001186: [General] Add IPP attribute to specify cover-type color (rijkr)
0001184: [General] Fix broken MailPrint connection (rijkr)
0001172: [General] Accept .oxps file extension as XPS file (rijkr)
0001175: [General] Fix color count in print invoice report (rijkr)
0001167: [General] Enforce time sequence on print-in documents (rijkr)
0001162: [General] Fix totals in Print Invoicing report (rijkr)
0001160: [General] Fix maven-antrun-plugin error (rijkr)
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