0001140: [General] Add Print Invoicing Report (rijkr)
0001094: [General] Deprecate Google Cloud Print (rijkr)
0000590: [General] Add IPP Everywhere support (rijkr)
0001139: [General] Fix IPP Routing QR-code positioning (rijkr)
0001051: [General] Add IPP routing option (rijkr)
0001137: [General] Fix user details privilege (rijkr)
0001135: [General] Fix auto selection of queue or printer in document log (rijkr)
0001136: [General] Display Roles and ACL in User and Group list (rijkr)
0001134: [General] Fix Jetty ClassNotFoundException (rijkr)
0001133: [General] Improve .js and .css loading (rijkr)
0001121: [General] Change internet print URL syntax (rijkr)
0001122: [General] Add Chrome OS print support (rijkr)
0001125: [General] Add Telegram Messaging for 2FA (rijkr)
0001123: [Security] Add 2FA with TOTP (rijkr)
0001124: [General] Generate User ID Number (rijkr)
0001120: [General] Fix NFC Card Number format display (rijkr)
0001111: [General] Use HTTP XFF header to retrieve client IP address (rijkr)
0001115: [General] Fix IP print PostScript header error (rijkr)
0001077: [General] Set strict defaults for Web Print PDF validation (rijkr)
0001088: [General] Improve check of duplicate Device IP (rijkr)
0001102: [General] Change PPD Extension File entryfield to select list (rijkr)
0001095: [General] Fix Web App refresh error (rijkr)
0001101: [General] Add option to override doc store location (rijkr)
0001073: [General] Check PDF substitute fonts (rijkr)
0001100: [Security] Allow public IP addresses as IPP Queue restriction (rijkr)
0001096: [General] Check Single Web App session for all browser types (rijkr)
0001097: [General] Improve http session management (rijkr)
0001092: [General] Upgrade third-party Java components (rijkr)
0001093: [General] Upgrade to cometd 4.0 (rijkr)
0001090: [General] Disable letterhead locking for SafePages export and print (rijkr)
0001089: [General] Change Device Target Printer and Group to Quick Search fields (rijkr)
0001091: [General] Disable user row locking at Web App logout (rijkr)
0001086: [General] Improve Cancel All in Hold Print Jobs dialog (rijkr)
0001081: [General] Handle all uploaded Web Print file items (rijkr)
0001052: [General] Add RESTful web service (rijkr)
0001083: [General] Show credentials for android print app (rijkr)
0001080: [General] Show blocking message if ticket print is overloaded (rijkr)
0001076: [General] Add preload spinner to safepages preview (rijkr)
0001075: [General] Show Job Ticket Queue details on Admin Dashboard (rijkr)
0001069: [General] Add savapage-cmd --delete-user-group-account (rijkr)
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