0000822: [General] Add OAuth plugin interface (rijkr)
0000802: [General] Add option to enable delegated print account types (rijkr)
0000776: [Security] Add Print Job Creator role (rijkr)
0000806: [General] Add option to cancel and reprint job ticket print job (rijkr)
0000764: [General] Add Job Ticket cost rules for media and printed copies (rijkr)
0000733: [General] Add support for CUPS printer classes (rijkr)
0000735: [General] Prevent second login request on Enter key (rijkr)
0000736: [General] Synchronize user creation at first login (rijkr)
0000737: [General] Proxy Print vanilla inbox as one CUPS job (rijkr)
0000741: [General] Remove newlines in button titles on main User Web App page (rijkr)
0000746: [Security] Add Google Sign-In to Web App (rijkr)
0000747: [General] Improve Web Print user feedback at file upload (rijkr)
0000748: [Security] Add YubiKey OTP authentication to Web App (rijkr)
0000749: [Security] Hide encrypted value of secret configuration items in list (rijkr)
0000751: [General] Show id of authenticated user in Admin Web App footer bar (rijkr)
0000752: [Security] Disable password reset in User Web App when password is not set (rijkr)
0000753: [Security] Add option to erase internal user password in Admin Web App (rijkr)
0000756: [General] Add option to make any proxy printer a job ticket printer (rijkr)
0000758: [General] Show collate option for job ticket print (rijkr)
0000759: [General] Optimize user quick search on delegator role (rijkr)
0000761: [General] Fix update of indeterminate user roles (rijkr)
0000762: [Security] Fix error sending receipt email from POS Web App (rijkr)
0000766: [General] Add option to effectuate Job Ticket without proxy printing (rijkr)
0000768: [General] Fix non-persistent quick search select in Delegated Print dialog (rijkr)
0000769: [General] Add option to create job ticket for each vanilla inbox document (rijkr)
0000770: [General] Compose job ticket title when not specified (rijkr)
0000774: [General] Configure "remove graphics" visibility in print dialog (rijkr)
0000775: [General] Configure visibility of job ticket datetime of delivery (rijkr)
0000779: [General] Accept JetDirect PostScript stream with UEL header (rijkr)
0000780: [General] Add option to create Job Ticket for off-the-glass copying (rijkr)
0000781: [General] Add option to proxy print each vanilla inbox document separately (rijkr)
0000782: [General] Fix jQuery Mobile theme icons error (rijkr)
0000786: [General] Add Web Print disclaimer in file upload dialog (rijkr)
0000787: [General] Remove POS and Job Tickets from Admin Web App (rijkr)
0000788: [General] Add print log to Job Ticket Web App (rijkr)
0000789: [General] Create user inbox after one-time token login (rijkr)
0000709: [General] Select printer options when releasing Job Ticket (rijkr)
0000710: [Security] Change URL of external sites to https (rijkr)
0000711: [Security] Add option to redirect non-SSL HTML requests to SSL (rijkr)
0000712: [Security] Add option to disable non-SSL access (rijkr)
0000713: [Security] Use SSL to publish admin notifications (rijkr)
0000714: [Security] Decrypt secret value of config item in edit dialog (rijkr)
0000715: [General] Show SSL certificate expiration date on Admin Web App dashboard (rijkr)
0000716: [Security] Add option to disable raw printing (rijkr)
0000717: [General] Suppress Welcome Back message in IE after Web Print (rijkr)
0000718: [General] Configure selectable Web App languages (rijkr)
0000722: [General] Use support.savapage.org as helpdesk url (rijkr)
0000724: [General] Fix i18n mismatch in some Web App dialogs (rijkr)
0000725: [General] Suppress Welcome Back message in Firefox at PDF download (rijkr)
0000726: [General] Clarify server.log content (rijkr)
0000728: [General] Prompt user to replace automatic media source before proxy printing (rijkr)
0000729: [General] Retry connecting to CUPS after connect failure (rijkr)
0000730: [General] Add login option to Web App already active message (rijkr)
0000732: [General] Preserve landscape orientation in downloaded PDF (rijkr)
0000801: [General] Add option to charge proxy print cost to shared account (rijkr)
0000791: [Security] Apply user alias for TTP Web App user authentication (rijkr)
0000803: [General] Show Internet Printer URLs for CUPS and Windows clients (rijkr)
0000804: [General] Prevent access to users, groups and accounts if setup is incomplete (rijkr)
0000805: [General] Make close of Job Ticket an operator action (rijkr)
0000807: [General] Optimize PDF and Print document scope in User Web App (rijkr)
0000808: [General] Show Ticket icon on Print button if just Job Ticket printers are present (rijkr)
0000813: [General] Add proxy print output-bin support (rijkr)
0000814: [General] Add option to clear printer after proxy printing (rijkr)
0000815: [General] Add proxy print media-type support (rijkr)
0000816: [General] Add option to clear Delegated Print data after proxy printing (rijkr)
0000823: [General] Fix proxy print page scaling ambiguity (rijkr)
0000825: [General] Add shortcut Print and PDF buttons to Web Print dialog (rijkr)
0000826: [General] Improve Dutch translation of "Account" (kevin)
0000830: [Security] Mark session tracking cookie as HttpOnly (rijkr)
0000832: [General] Deprecate Smartschool Print Module in favor of SavaPage Delegated Print (rijkr)
0000836: [Security] Assign Print Job Delegator role to Delegate in User Web App (rijkr)
0000837: [General] Add Delegated Print option to enter extra copies (rijkr)
0000838: [General] Exclude blank User Groups in Delegated Print dialog (rijkr)
0000839: [General] Add drag and drop for Web Print file upload (rijkr)
0000840: [General] Optimize temp file delete after Web Print (rijkr)
0000842: [General] Add multiple file upload in Web Print dialog (rijkr)
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