0000861: [General] Print job-sheet before job ticket (rijkr)
0000890: [General] Save Job Ticket printer settings in web session (rijkr)
0000745: [General] Delete page in view of User Web App page browser (rijkr)
0000849: [General] Fix display of warning message after successful Admin WebApp login (rijkr)
0000852: [General] Use selected font for Web Print plain text drag & drop (rijkr)
0000854: [General] Limit number of pending job tickets shown (rijkr)
0000855: [General] Fix copy job ticket validation error (rijkr)
0000856: [General] Add shared account name validation (rijkr)
0000857: [General] Handle actions on job ticket that is already processed (rijkr)
0000858: [General] Fix NullPointerException on first time finished CUPS job notification (rijkr)
0000860: [General] Add job ticket queue size to admin dashboard (rijkr)
0000862: [General] Remove option to disable Delegated Print settlement with User Account (rijkr)
0000863: [General] Prevent race condition for read/write of savapage.json (rijkr)
0000864: [General] Fix NoSuchFileException when writing user message file (rijkr)
0000865: [General] Add option to enable print-all job tickets button (rijkr)
0000867: [General] Support multiple delegated print copies (rijkr)
0000869: [General] Add option to disable cleanup of Document Log at startup (rijkr)
0000873: [General] Fix stale page browser image urls (rijkr)
0000874: [General] Show error message when user inbox inaccessible (rijkr)
0000875: [General] Select user of closed job tickets (rijkr)
0000882: [General] Apply single UI language (rijkr)
0000883: [General] Show message when application is temporarily unavailable (rijkr)
0000884: [General] Add savapage-cmd --system-status (rijkr)
0000885: [General] Add public JSON-RPC (rijkr)
0000887: [Security] Enhance private JSON-RPC security (rijkr)
0000891: [General] Restrict Web Print document types (rijkr)
0000892: [General] Fix proxy print collate visibility (rijkr)
0000893: [General] Add custom i18n for fixed Web App text (rijkr)
0000894: [General] Hide print separate option for restricted document scope (rijkr)
0000895: [General] Optimize proxy printer selection (rijkr)
0000901: [General] Add option to hide inbox delete scope text at proxy print (rijkr)
0000618: [General] Improve User Web App navigation (rijkr)
0000739: [Security] Add privileges for parts of Admin Web App (rijkr)
0000740: [Security] Add dashboard option to switch system off-line (rijkr)
0000939: [General] Fix page range validation (rijkr)
0000872: [General] Show help button in User Web App (rijkr)
0000877: [General] Handle ProxyPrintException as non-fatal (rijkr)
0000888: [General] Comply to GDPR (rijkr)
0000896: [General] Improve Delegated Print Dialog layout (rijkr)
0000909: [General] Add savapage-cmd and savapage-db options to get and set config items (rijkr)
0000910: [General] Set JSON-RPC charset to UTF-8 (rijkr)
0000911: [General] Add savapage-cmd --sync-users-and-groups (rijkr)
0000912: [Security] Add option to trust self-signed certificate for LDAPS (rijkr)
0000915: [General] Add option to download report as CSV (rijkr)
0000916: [General] Adapt User Web App Doc Log selection to user and resource status (rijkr)
0000917: [Security] Add URL path for SSO to User Web App with OAuth provider (rijkr)
0000918: [General] Refund job ticket cost (rijkr)
0000919: [General] Add option to enable delegated group select for shared account (rijkr)
0000921: [General] Restrict Group Account edit (rijkr)
0000922: [General] Fix update of decimal comma shared account balance (rijkr)
0000924: [General] Fix AtomicMoveNotSupportedException on import member card (rijkr)
0000931: [General] Add quick search on Open Job Ticket (rijkr)
0000932: [General] Show Open Job Ticket statistics (rijkr)
0000933: [General] Add reason to Job Ticket canceled email (rijkr)
0000934: [General] Add 180 degrees rotate option for proxy printing (rijkr)
0000935: [General] Add print preview of Finished-Page (rijkr)
0000936: [General] Force reload of Web App when server is restarted (rijkr)
0000937: [General] Fix job reschedule when updating cron trigger (rijkr)
0000942: [General] Fix access to Documents and Transactions in Admin Web App (rijkr)
0000944: [General] Return HTML 404 status when inbox image not found (rijkr)
0000945: [General] Change visibility of CUPS link in printer list (rijkr)
0000948: [General] Reprint ticket sheet at job ticket reprint (rijkr)
0000949: [General] Skip number-up corrections for booklet (rijkr)
0000950: [General] Update external status of job ticket print canceled in CUPS (rijkr)
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