0000536: [Refactoring] Change CometD extension field name for authentication (rijkr)
0000535: [Refactoring] Upgrade to Jetty 9 and CometD 3 (rijkr)
0000537: [General] Give proper login message for unknown user when external user source is missing (rijkr)
0000538: [General] Change SMTP default to localhost port 25 (rijkr)
0000539: [General] Change IMAP default to port 143 (STARTTLS) (rijkr)
0000541: [General] Separate jobs in Direct and Hold Print (rijkr)
0000542: [General] Offer copy/paste in Web App error message (rijkr)
0000543: [General] Identify not-configured proxy printers (rijkr)
0000544: [General] Select inbox job for PDF creation and printing (rijkr)
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