0001202: [General] Add sales function to POS (rijkr)
0001218: [General] Fix unresolved LibreJS javascript scr paths (rijkr)
0001217: [Installation] Abort installation on i686 system (rijkr)
0001216: [General] Fix SSL keystore read error (rijkr)
0001210: [General] Add Payment Web App (rijkr)
0001214: [General] Add Email login method (rijkr)
0001201: [General] Add info to admin About panel (rijkr)
0001211: [General] Fix internal user password authentication (rijkr)
0001207: [General] Fix print-scaling for mixed page orientation (rijkr)
0001208: [General] Add activity sort to User List (rijkr)
0001205: [General] URL encode userid in web app (rijkr)
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