0000647: [Security] Add access control to user roles and domain objects (rijkr)
0000649: [General] Add proxy print job ticket workflow (rijkr)
0000588: [General] Prevent endless disconnected messages in Admin Dashboard after server shutdown (rijkr)
0000643: [General] Configure XML-RPC server for introspection (rijkr)
0000645: [General] Refresh hold jobs info in User Web App when inbox is empty (rijkr)
0000650: [General] Facilitate SAVAPAGE.ppd download when installing CUPS printer (rijkr)
0000656: [General] Correct page thumbnail position in User Web App after browser window restore (rijkr)
0000657: [General] Change proxy print job state selection in Web App document log (rijkr)
0000658: [Refactoring] Change select defaults in Web App document log (rijkr)
0000660: [General] Show user message on account event (rijkr)
0000662: [General] Improve hold print jobs display in User Web App (rijkr)
0000665: [General] Add config items to overrule web.properties keys (rijkr)
0000666: [Refactoring] Change Web App URL parameter names (rijkr)
0000667: [General] Use new web auth token after User Web App logout/login (rijkr)
0000599: [General] Add option to convert PDF downloaded or sent to grayscale (rijkr)
0000641: [General] Prevent irrelevant account trx when saving User in Web App dialog (rijkr)
0000644: [Security] Add User Web App authentication for trusted third party (rijkr)
0000661: [General] Avoid sharing of Web App session across multiple browser tabs (rijkr)
0000663: [General] Add URL parameter for JavaScript logging (rijkr)
0000668: [General] Fix Internet Print requesting user error (rijkr)
0000669: [General] Automatically clear selected file after Web Print file upload (rijkr)
0000670: [General] Add config item to show/hide printer driver download in About dialog (rijkr)
0000671: [General] Edit New User Settings in Admin Web App User Group dialog (rijkr)
0000672: [General] Fix amount decimals display error (rijkr)
0000673: [General] Cache version news in Admin Web App Dashboard (rijkr)
0000674: [General] Fix Custom Proxy Print not being updated for Terminal device (rijkr)
0000676: [General] Add extra page delete options in User Web App print dialog (rijkr)
0000677: [General] Add option to delete expired print-in documents (rijkr)
0000685: [Installation] Sync jetty-* and cometd-java-* versions (rijkr)
0000686: [General] Show CUPS status on Admin Web App Dashboard (rijkr)
0000697: [General] Fix JavaScript long poll illegal state exception (rijkr)
0000698: [General] Add option to show text in User Web App main navigation buttons (rijkr)
0000699: [General] Change prompt "Scope" to "Document" in Print and PDF dialog (rijkr)
0000700: [General] Add option to inject custom HTML in Web App (rijkr)
0000701: [General] Hide jQuery Mobile dialogs when JavaScript is disabled (rijkr)
0000702: [General] Fix SafePages selection error in User Web App (rijkr)
0000703: [General] Add Print and PDF options in User Web App sort mode (rijkr)
0000704: [Refactoring] Clarify document info pop-up in User Web App (rijkr)
0000705: [General] Add Web Print upload progress indicator (rijkr)
0000707: [General] Preserve print job settings after printer settings edit (rijkr)
0000708: [General] Localize to German (rijkr)
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