0000628: [General] Skip check on multiple Web App sessions for Mac OS X Safari (rijkr)
0000631: [General] Add printer driver download links in Web App (rijkr)
0000591: [General] Make Smartschool print charge to student account optional (rijkr)
0000592: [General] Fix NFC Card Login authentication (rijkr)
0000596: [General] Set grayscale and duplex proxy printers for Smartschool print jobs (rijkr)
0000605: [General] Add Unfinished status to filter printed documents in Web App (rijkr)
0000608: [General] Add jqPlot datapoint highlighter in Web App charts (rijkr)
0000610: [General] Download Smartschool printing cost for students as CSV file (rijkr)
0000612: [General] Notify proxy print job status change in Admin Web App dashboard (rijkr)
0000613: [General] Remove Continue button from multiple Web App Session message (rijkr)
0000615: [Security] Prevent Account Enumeration and Guessable User Account (rijkr)
0000616: [General] Show document title in transactions depending on config setting (rijkr)
0000617: [General] Allow user to download his own transaction report from User Web App (rijkr)
0000619: [General] Add driver printing over public Internet (rijkr)
0000622: [General] Lazy create SavaPages directory after Admin WebApp login (rijkr)
0000627: [General] Disable CometD WebSocket transport in JavaScript clients. (rijkr)
0000630: [Security] Use web sessions when authentication tokens are disabled (rijkr)
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