0000407: [General] Use port 7772 as default for new card reader device (rijkr)
0000552: [Refactoring] Enable Jetty javax.servlet.annotation (rijkr)
0000553: [General] Create plug-in interface for jQuery Mobile Theming (rijkr)
0000554: [General] Create plug-in interface for Custom CSS (rijkr)
0000556: [General] Assign credit to another user (rijkr)
0000566: [General] Add country locale to Web App session (rijkr)
0000567: [Refactoring] Improve logging and tracing of raw print requests (rijkr)
0000568: [General] Show message in Admin WebApp Proxy Printer List when IPP connect error (rijkr)
0000569: [General] Handle page range syntax error when deleting pages in User Web App (rijkr)
0000571: [General] Fix server error when logging card swipe event for printer group (rijkr)
0000575: [General] Prevent random Derby DB deadlocks in Fast Print Release scenario's (rijkr)
0000580: [General] Escape special HTML chars in Admin WebApp live messages (rijkr)
0000581: [General] Enable CometD WebSocket transport in User Web App (rijkr)
0000562: [Security] Exclude weak and insecure cipher suites from SSL connection (rijkr)
0000555: [General] Create Payment Gateway Plugin Interface (rijkr)
0000587: [General] Add Services Status to Admin Dashboard with online/offline toggle (rijkr)
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