0001224: [Installation] Allow to proceed install with unanticipated x64 uname (rijkr)
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Released 2019-08-05
0001000: [Installation] Fix maven-surefire error (rijkr)
0001030: [Installation] Set open files limit in savapage.service unit (rijkr)
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Released 2017-07-14
0000743: [Installation] Handle failing network connections at boot time (rijkr)
0000754: [Installation] Remove creation of custom systemd cups.service unit (rijkr)
0000763: [Installation] Add non-interactive install mode (rijkr)
0000784: [Installation] Change test for root user in roottasks script (rijkr)
0000731: [Installation] Preserve /etc/pam.d/savapage at installation (rijkr)
0000831: [Installation] Deprecate 32-bit distribution (rijkr)
0000846: [General] Add option to customize java.io.tmpdir (rijkr)
0000847: [Installation] Restrict access to log files (rijkr)
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Released 2016-08-01
0000692: [Installation] Install custom systemd cups.service unit (rijkr)
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Released 2015-08-21
0000586: [Installation] Add systemd support (rijkr)
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Released 2015-04-28
0000545: [Installation] Use /opt/savapage as install directory (rijkr)
0000549: [Installation] Use OpenJDK 7+ package installed on host (rijkr)
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