0001161: [General] Fix Client App authentication issues (rijkr)
0001144: [General] Check if system tray is supported (rijkr)
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0001041: [General] Improve User Client action on connection lost (rijkr)
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0000850: [General] Fix Java SystemTray workaround height for GNU/Linux User Client (rijkr)
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0000835: [General] Add Java SystemTray workaround for GNU/Linux User Client (rijkr)
0000664: [General] Configure open button on Java Client print-in dialog (rijkr)
0000798: [Security] Fix User Web App SSO from Client App (rijkr)
0000800: [Security] Add IP address restriction to Client App (rijkr)
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0000675: [General] Return server URL paths and parameters in response to Client App request (rijkr)
0000679: [General] Show action dialog in Java Client at print-in event (rijkr)
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