0000558: [General] Fix error not getting card events of all attached NFC readers (rijkr)
0000570: [General] Add scripting at NFC reader events (rijkr)
0000574: [General] Configure timeout on XML-RPC call after NFC card swipe (rijkr)
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0000404: [Refactoring] Give audible feedback of card swipe event + server response (rijkr)
0000488: [General] Network NFC Reader: close XML-RPC connection after execute (rijkr)
0000388: [General] savapage-rfid-reader: prevent CPU hogging when no reader is connected (rijkr)
0000389: [General] savapage-rfid-reader: add -v,--verbose CLI switch (rijkr)
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0000252: [General] Raspberry Pi as Network Card Reader (rijkr)
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