Scheduled For Release 2022-08-20
0000941: [Installation] Create bash completion script for CLI tools
0001244: [General] Store IPP options of driver printed SafePages (rijkr)
0001246: [General] FastPrint with IPP options of PostScript printed SafePages (rijkr)
0001243: [General] Select Printer in IPP Routing dialog (rijkr)
0001237: [General] Enhance POS Sales Swipe Card area with password entry field (rijkr)
0001235: [Security] Add security.txt (rijkr)
0001230: [General] Add RESTful API for Reports (rijkr)
0001223: [General] Add POS and Payment Gateway statistics (rijkr)
0000606: [General] Refund proxy print jobs (rijkr)
0000783: [General] Fix incomplete background image at delete of multi-page letterhead (rijkr)
0000980: [General] Add Print Site Web App (rijkr)
0000993: [General] Add option to rasterize PDF (rijkr)
0001098: [General] Handle SafePages mismatch (rijkr)
0001107: [General] Add PPD Extension File browser (rijkr)
0001152: [General] Display and refresh username alias cache (rijkr)
0001203: [General] Add visibility of PaperCut user account (rijkr)
0001206: [General] Fix listUserGroupMembers server command (rijkr)
0001212: [General] Add PaperCut front-end option to proxy printer (rijkr)
0001247: [Security] Jetty CVE-2024-22201 (rijkr)
0001245: [General] Decode RAW Print PostScript escaped Unicode title (rijkr)
0001242: [General] Extend User Quick Search in POS Deposit (rijkr)
0001241: [General] Add copy buttons in Internet Printer dialog (rijkr)
0001240: [General] Add Quick Search for User ID in Transfer Funds (rijkr)
0001239: [General] Show relation between Accounts and Groups in list items (rijkr)
0001231: [General] Add user column to account transaction report (rijkr)
0001229: [General] Add reset option to continue session in new browser tab (rijkr)
0001228: [General] Add Office365 OAuth2 IMAP (rijkr)
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