Scheduled For Release 2022-08-20
0000981: [LDAP] Fix test mode user sync exceptions (rijkr)
0000987: [General] Fix ignored finishings for Canon CQue 4.0.1 (rijkr)
0001078: [General] Remove deprecated (rijkr)
0001108: [General] Improve savapage-db debugging (rijkr)
0001129: [LDAP] Add LDAP StartTLS support (rijkr)
0001142: [General] Upgrade database schema to 1.11 (rijkr)
0001196: [General] Add IPP option for front and back cover (rijkr)
0001204: [General] Add option to map IPP printer-resolution to PPD (rijkr)
0001227: [General] Fix Printer SNMP marker error (rijkr)
0001225: [General] Customize PaperCut Delegated Print Accounting comment (rijkr)
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