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Summary 0000870: Optimize Document Log cleanup
Revision 2017-10-23 12:14 by rijkr
Description IST: Document Log cleanup take too much time for large data sets.
SOLL: Use SQL DELETE statements, instead of removing individual JPA entity objects. Also note that PostgreSQL automatically creates indexes on primary keys and unique constraints, but not on the referencing side of foreign key relationships. Therefore, define JPA indexes on foreign-key columns, so the right PostgreSQL schema DDL is generated.

Note: JPA/Hibernate generated DDL schema for PostgreSQL differs from the DDL generated for Apache Derby. The DDL for the latter *does* automatically create indexes for foreign key columns.
Revision 2017-09-26 20:42 by rijkr
Description IST: On high productivity systems Document Log cleanup involves the (cascaded) delete of many database rows.
SOLL: Commit in restricted scope. The scope is already defined in configuration item "db.batch.commit-chunk-size".